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Donna and Heinz Garland
Welcome to Chaika Siberians.
We are dedicated to advancing the Siberian Breed. Our nursery is located in Jacksonville, FL. Chaika is Russian for Seagull. We have many seagulls here in Jacksonville, FL. Our breeders are from some of the finest Russian stock imported by Lynda Nelson of Kravchenko Siberians.
The Siberian cat is one of the oldest natural cat breeds. They are very loving and affectionate cats. They love problem solving and are very intelligent. Siberians are terrific jumpers and love to sit in high places.  They have rounded heads and big round eyes that give them a very sweet look. They come in a wide range of colors. Their most wonderful feature is their HYPO-ALLERGENIC quality. I personally have cat allergies and cannot be around other breeds without having asthma attacks and other symptoms. The Siberian cat is one of the most wonderful gifts I have been given.
We began our breed program in 2001.  Our first Siberian, Miakusha came to us February 2000. She is the most wonderful cat I have ever owned. She is extremely loving and loves to be in my lap most of the time. She is a continuous purr machine. When she is happy she makes a little trill sound. It is such a sweet sound. She is a blue patched tabby. 
Pets - spayed - $525.00
       neutered - $500.00
Breeders $1100.00 and up
Chaika Siberians
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